Denise Quirk

Practice Manager
Denise Quirk


Denise is our fearless practice manager, instrumental in ensuring our patients, staff and business are thriving and well cared for. Reliable and trustworthy, Denise brings fun to every workday, enjoys a good challenge and is ultimately here to help people.

With over 46 years of dental experience, Denise describes herself (with tongue in cheek) as old. We, on the other hand, translate this to knowledgeable, wise, skilled and accomplished.

When Denise is not working, you’ll find her out and about. Coffee each day is also a must. A cub and scout leader, Denise loves riding her bike as well as metal detecting, where she lives in hope that she’ll strike gold someday.

While her childhood dream was to be a policewoman, Denise instead uses her leadership skills to keep our team in line. Definitely a great second career choice. Denise holds a Certificate 3 in Dental Assisting, Certificate 3 in Business and Office Administration and continues her lifelong studies at the University of Life.

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