Herman Chu@2x


Friendly and compassionate, Dr Chu’s number one mission is to create beautiful smiles for our patients. From examinations and restorative dentistry through to a full clean and polish, Herman’s kind and charismatic approach ensures all our patients feel perfectly comfortable.

Thriving in our team environment, Herman loves solving clinical challenges. His intricate attention to detail, combined with his incredible work ethic ensures patients always receive outstanding care and tailored treatments.

Fuelled by regular (good) coffee and a foodie at heart, on weekends you’ll find Herman exploring the local cafes and eateries. If a genie were to grant him one wish and take him wherever he wanted, he would choose an island beach resort, hands-down. Dreaming of becoming a doctor as a child, Herman is very happy he chose dentistry and now dreams of travelling around Europe.

A dentist with many talents, Herman plays both the drums and piano. He’s also a sushi-making expert, has worked in pharmacy and is a qualified radiographer. Herman holds a Doctor of Dental Surgery and a Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging.

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