Dr Nihir Shah

Principal Dentist
dr nihir shah dentist


At the heart of our practice, Dr Shah took over Knight Street Dentists in 2017. Fostering a compassionate, friendly and fun culture, Dr Shah leads our professional dental team. With over nine years of experience in designing and delivering awesome smiles, Dr Shah’s days now encompass a healthy mix of managing the clinical and non-clinical aspects of our dental surgery.

As part of his daily morning ritual, you’ll find Dr Shah reflecting on the previous day and planning for the day ahead. This is instrumental for him to navigate challenges, transform them into opportunities, problem-solve and overcome any foreseen obstacles. This daily practice also enables Dr Shah to prioritise his team’s tasks and keep the surgery running smoothly and systematically.

Enthusiastic, confident and caring, Nihir is passionate about transforming the dental experience for anxious patients. Helping them to feel calm, relaxed and in control, Nihir goes above and beyond to ensure a pleasant and painless visit. With a high level of integrity, Nihir always ensures that our approach and treatments are guided by the best interests of our patients.

Outside of work, Nihir loves nothing more than to spend time with his young family. Driven by creation, he’ll always find time for carving woodwork masterpieces, cooking culinary delights and capturing the perfect photograph. To unwind each day, Nihir will head out for a run which also helps him to recharge.

As a child, Nihir dreamt of becoming a soccer player, and although his career path led him to dentistry, he’s still a ‘very’ passionate supporter (Go Liverpool)! Inspired by discovering new experiences, Nihir’s number one item on his bucket list is to travel for one month of every year.

Holding a Bachelor of Dental Surgery which he attained in Bristol, England, Nihir’s motto in life is to be the change you want to see.

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