Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Feeling a little anxious about visiting the dentist?
Conscious sedation (happy gas) dentistry will
help you relax and feel at ease.

Conscious Sedation (Happy Gas)

Ease your dental anxiety with conscious sedation dentistry

Feeling anxious or panicked about an upcoming dental procedure? While our (rather entertaining) team of professionals is adept at helping you to feel comfortable, conscious sedation provides additional assistance in calming and relaxing you. Carefully administered by our highly-trained dental team, we use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to ensure you’re completely at ease. Conscious sedation dentistry is the perfect treatment for anyone who suffers from any anxious thoughts when visiting their dentist. Contact our dental clinic to learn more about conscious sedation dentistry. 

What does conscious sedation entail?

Before we begin your dental procedure, we’ll place a face mask over your nose, through which you’ll inhale the nitrous oxide throughout the entire treatment. Within minutes a feeling of calm will wash over you, you’ll feel relaxed and perhaps a little sleepy, while still being able to respond to our team.  

We’ll then administer a local anaesthetic, which is required to ensure your dental treatment is pain-free. Our team will also monitor your pulse, oxygen, and blood pressure to ensure your level of sedation is correct. 

Yes, nitrous oxide is safe for use on both children and adults. However, before we administer it, we’ll have a detailed discussion with you regarding your (or your child’s) medical history and current medications.

With the effects of nitrous oxide disappearing within five to 10 minutes, you can safely drive home from your appointment and get on with your day.

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