Custom Mouth Guards

Play a contact sport? Did you know that a custom mouth guard
provides you with better protection, superior support
and is much more comfortable?  

Mouth guard Made By Dentist

Play contact sport?
Here’s why you need a
custom dental mouth guard

Damaging your teeth while playing sport can have costly, long-term consequences. And, while we all understand the importance of wearing a mouth guard, choosing a custom mouth guard instead of an ‘off-the-shelf’ one can make a huge difference to both your level of protection and comfort.  

What do custom dental mouth guards entail?

From cracked, fractured or knocked-out teeth, through to broken jaws and cut lips and tongues, wearing a mouthguard will protect you from a range of potential sporting injuries. 

Whether you’re a boxer, play rugby, AFL, or hockey, having a custom mouthguard that has been fitted to your exact requirements will safeguard you from the possibility of serious dental trauma. Even for non-contact sports such as cricket, basketball or netball games, a tailor-made mouthguard will help reduce the impact of an accidental collision. 

An easy, streamlined process, our dentist will take a mould of your teeth and will then organise for it to be manufactured. Crafted to fit your jaw, a dental mouthguard is less bulky, more tolerant to heat and provides you with the best support. 

Because custom mouthguards are an exact fit and made for comfort, they enable you to put your full focus into playing the sport you love. Staying firmly in place, our bespoke dental mouthguards also allow you to talk normally and won’t restrict your breathing. 

There are a few simple steps to keeping your mouthguard in prime condition: 

  1. Keep it out of the sun.
  2. Wash it in lukewarm soapy water and rinse well before using.
  3. Store it the container we provide.
  4. Bring it with you each time you visitusand we’ll check to make sure it’s still providing optimal protection. 

Time to ensure your teeth and mouth have maximum protection when playing your favourite sport?

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