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We all know a regular dental check-up is super important for
your ongoing oral health. We’re here to ease your anxiety and
help maintain your beautiful smile.

Dental Checkup & Examinations

Look after your smile with a regular dental check-up

Is it time to book in for a dental check-up and clean? Whether it’s on your to-do list or try-to-avoid list, we totally understand. That’s why we provide anxiety-free examinations, ensuring you’re completely at ease.

So, why do you need a regular dental check-up? A simple examination, every six months, will help us quickly detect any oral health concerns, such as decay or gum-disease. This means we can also prevent minor problems from becoming major ones.

Bringing together advanced dental technology with our extensive experience and expertise, we’re here to help you maintain healthy teeth, gums and that beautiful smile. Contact our dental clinic today. 

What does a dental check-up entail?

Before we begin your dental checkupwe’ll ask you a few questions about your oral and general health. The better aware we are of your medical background, including any dental phobias you may have, means that we can provide you with the best possible, tailored care.

Beginning with a visual examination, we’ll then gently probe your teeth to check for any soft areas that indicate a cavity. We may also recommend an x-ray which allows us to explore the surfaces that are not visible, such as between teeth and underneath existing fillings.

Often plaque can build up behind the teeth and in hard-to-reach areas. A major cause of cavities and gum disease, when plaque isn’t removed, it can harden to become tartar which is impossible to remove with routine brushing and flossing. This is where we step in, removing any plaque and tartar to keep your teeth and gums super-healthy.

Did you know that gum disease can go unnoticed for a long period? Often, you won’t even get any symptoms, and before you know it, your gums may require much more extensive treatment. Booking in for a regular dental checkup gives you peace of mind, knowing that any dental concerns are treated quickly and cost-effectively.

Offering state-of-the-art dental imaging, we’re able to capture aimage of your teeth, enabling us to quickly detect concerns and prevent major dental issues. Giving you peace of mind, our low dose x-rays also minimise your exposure to unnecessary radiation.

Oral pathology screening enables us to quickly diagnose, treat and manage oral diseases. Providing an early evaluation, we can perform the screening during your dental checkup and follow up with further appointments if treatment is necessary.

Using an ultrasonic scaler, we’ll give your teeth a deep clean, extending both above and below the gum line. All you’ll feel is a tickling vibration. Once we have the surfaces all smooth, we’ll polish each tooth with polishing toothpaste, removing stains and giving your teeth a brand new shine.

Dental checkup appointments in Shepparton

What happens after your
dental check-up appointment?

We’ll chat with you about any further treatment that may be required and share our recommendations – from teeth brushing techniques to diet and nutrition – for maintaining your oral health and home.

We’ll then organise your next dental check-up appointment, which will usually be in six or 12 months. As a reminder, we’ll send you a text message or call you closer to your next visit.

Ready to take control of your oral health with a simple check-up?

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