Dr Silibaziso Ncomanzi

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Recently embarking on her dentistry career, Dr Ncomanzi is a caring, bubbly and professional dentist, who always has your best interests at heart. She is passionate about helping patients become pain-free and feeling happy with their new smile.

From treatment planning and restorative treatment through to extractions, Dr Ncomanzi is always well prepped for her workday and enjoys overcoming challenges to provide holistic dental solutions for her patients.

As an avid explorer, Dr Ncomanzi spends her weekends discovering the Shepparton and Victorian region. And if she was granted one travel wish, it would be to head over to Japan for an overseas adventure. Dr Ncomanzi loves spending time with friends and family, and her motto in life is to have courage and be kind. She does have a secret talent… and if you ask her nicely, she might just show you how she can juggle 3 balls the next time you visit.

Having always pictured herself working in healthcare, becoming a dentist has been a natural progression for Dr Ncomanzi. She is currently a first-year graduate, but has been fortunate enough to have been seeing patients since 2020 as part of her Bachelor in Dental Surgery.

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