Crooked Teeth

Are crooked teeth causing you to feel self-conscious?
We can help with a range of teeth-straightening options
that will have you smiling from ear-to-ear.

Crooked Teeth Problems

Are crooked teeth hindering your smile?

Crooked teeth are very common amongst both children and adults. They can either come in crooked or move into misaligned positions due to crowding or spacing issues as we grow. Whether crooked teeth are causing eating discomfort, speech issues or making you feel self-conscious, our tailored orthodontic treatments will soon have you beaming with confidence.

the best way to fix crooked teeth

The best way to fix crooked teeth

Whether you’re a child or an adult, there is a range of orthodontic options for fixing crooked teeth. These include metal braces, ceramic braces and clear aligners. We also offer some cosmetic dentistry services that can help align your teeth

The best solution for you is dependent on the current alignment of your teeth and the result you wish to achieve. That’s why we give you a thorough dental examination, then take the time to explain all the treatments that are available to you, along with our recommendations. 

What causes crooked teeth?

Many factors contribute to crooked teeth. From genetics through to gum space, jaw size and alignment, tooth trauma and prolonged habits (we’re looking at you pacifiers and thumbs)!   

Important to know is that if your child has crooked baby teeth, this doesn’t necessarily mean that their permanent teeth will also be crooked and vice-versa. 

what causes crooked teeth

Is it time to straighten your teeth and bring back your confident smile?

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