Dr Bavleen Kaur

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Dr Kaur is wholeheartedly dedicated to providing tailored, ethical and holistic dental care to her patients. She is open-minded, honest and passionate and enjoys being part of a great team.

Her exceptional manual dexterity enables Dr Kaur to perform intricate dental procedures with a high level of precision. She is driven by solving clinical challenges and is laser-focused on helping each of her happy patients achieve their best smile.

Beginning each day with a few minutes of reflection and gratitude, Dr Kaur also enjoys heading outdoors for a walk and a good dose of fresh air and sunshine. She’s a keen gardener and loves a friendly competition of Badminton with her family.

When it comes to hidden talents, Dr Kaur has many – from her juggling prowess and ability to speak three different languages to her musical flair on the harmonium. With two big things on her bucket list, she’d love to either learn martial arts or run a half marathon.

As a child, Dr Kaur wanted to be an astronaut, a teacher, a singer, an actor, or a tennis player. Thankfully for us, she chose dentistry. Dr Kaur holds a Bachelor of Neuroscience and Doctor of Dental Surgery.

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